In a signing ceremony held last October 26, 2016 in Japan, Jollibee founder Tony Tan Caktiong hints about the first Jollibee franchise in Japan in a year or two.

The said ceremony was attended by the leaders of Jollibee Foods, Ise Foods Inc., and President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. Caktiong said that he plans to open the franchise soon to cater to the Filipinos who are either living or visiting Japan. He also wants to introduce the classic and famous Jollibee meals to the Japanese community.

Caktiong partnered up with the Ise Foods Inc. in Japan to improve the quality of the food that they will be producing and serving its customers.

Being a large-scale poultry farm, the resources produced in the said company is expected to improve the quality and the competitiveness of the products that Jollibee will be serving in their branches. The partnership will be including a construction of poultry farms in Manila. The eggs that are to be produced in the said farm will be used for the hamburger and breakfast meals that the fast food chain will be serving.

Further confirmation of a Japan-based Jollibee branch was made later during the sidelines of the company’s annual stockholders’ meeting in Pasig City on June 30, 2017.

“Hopefully we can open by 2019,” Jollibee Foods Chairman Tony Tan Caktiong told reporters.

“We were told that Japan will welcome Filipino caregivers… Japan has about 45 million seniors that need special care by nurses or caregivers,” he added.

For this year or by early next year, the company is looking at opening stores in Toronto, Canada; upscale Manhattan, New York City as well as in Australia and Guam, he added.

“So we are very excited with this,” he said.

At the news towards the proposed Jollibee chain in Japan, it brought Filipinos in that country abuzz, with them hinting cities on where Jollibee should set up shop.

Some cities/locations suggested includes:
Tokyo (Roppongi)
Chiba Prefecture (Motoyawata)
Tochigi Ken Utsunomiya Shi
Shikoku Kagawa

Unconfirmed hints of possible Japanese anticipation of Jollibee’s arrival have also been reported.

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