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ALL IS WELL – Harada assures Filipino Tekken fans Josie Rizal is safe, and NCCA will not hinder her

Namco-Bandai’s Katsuhiro Harada announced in Twitter the news that every fans hoped for; The National Commission for Culture and Arts will not meddle with Josie Rizal, and that she is safe.

Namco-Bandai’s Harada: I’d rather delete Josie Rizal than rename her!

Tekken fans all over the internet were sent panicking after Katsuhiro Harada’s statement of deleting Josie Rizal, this time under the so-called orders of the Philippine National Commission for Culture and Arts.

PHL Culture Commission clarifies: Earlier statements by culture educator do not reflect our stance on Josie Rizal

Due to a clarification and angry Tekken players flooding the Philippine National Commission for Culture and Arts (NCCA) social media outlets, the government culture body issued a disclaimer that they are not opposing Josie Rizal, though they intend to review the situation.

CULTURE SHOCK – PHL Culture educator worried Josie Rizal may skew Jose Rizal’s image

Some custodians of Philippine culture may not be quite happy with “Josie Rizal,” the new Filipina character in the game “Tekken 7” named after national hero Jose Rizal.

Mercenary Online PH is gone as of March 27, Lumon still at large

A sudden ingame announcement sent chills down every Mercenary Online PH players: Mercenary Online PH is no more on and beyond March 27, 10 am.

Talim’s Descendant? Josie Rizal is newest Tekken 7 fighter, and second Filipina fighting game character

First it was Talim from Soul Calibur, the very first fighting game and video game character who is confirmed to be a Filipino. Now a second one, also from the same publisher of Soul Calibur, but this time in Tekken: Josie Rizal.

Move over, Anito – Nightfall is the next global Philippine-made game, and Square Enix is interested

Nightfall is a first person survival horror game based in Philippine folklore, where you play as Ara Cruz, an aspiring female journalist who works for struggling newspaper company.


Any information leading to the location and perhaps, arrest of Limon may be shared with the Facebook group against Massive Gaming, or local law enforcement agencies.

MASSIVE TROUBLE – Local gaming company in hot water

In a complaint that makes Level-Up Playpark look caring in comparison, employees of local gaming Massive Gaming have taken to social media to air their serious grievances.

So why is pRO shutting down? Level-Up PlayPark explains

The impeding shutdown of Philippine Ragnarok Online (pRO), one of the oldest eSports titles in the country, has spawned more questions in regards to its integrity and whether it was possible for it to have kept operating.