Davao City Mayor and Presidential Candidate Rodrigo Duterte’s plan to clean up crime and drugs within 6 months of his presidency has been often targeted by naysayers and paid hacks as an unrealistic pipe dream. However, a senator who also was a mayor before believe that it is doable.

Senatorial candidate Richard Gordon believes that Duterte’s plan is actually possible– provided it is doubled up all the way.

The statement came from a Rappler interview.

It’s possible! If you were a good mayor, it’s possible. Maybe not totally in 3 months but there’ll be BIG CHANGES in 3 months, yes. If the people get used to the sight of you cleaning up and tidying, it will create a strong message to the people. Our problem however is we’re too incredulous (unwilling to believe). Just tell me when you’ll do it, I’ll help you.

This is a far better proposition than getting an OJT president-in-training like Leni Robredo, who sadly, is brainwashed by yellow zombies.

And with Gordon’s sterling reputation in the Red Cross and his tenure as Subic Base Metropolitan Authority and as former mayor of Olongapo City, he has probably seen and weathered it all. Just imagine how the country would be very different had Gordon won the presidency in 2010.

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